Sunday, 19 February 2012


sayang :)

heyy sayang :') just wanna to say i loveyou , i tak tahu mcm mana nak tunjuk kan yangg i sayang u but this only for u :)
u is my everything . i heart youu <3

your eyes can explain to me everything without any words :')

your lips make me nude sometimes haha :}

your attitude make me adobe with u :] seriously !

honestly , your challenges make me to be it :* and i try to be like that

your hug make me missyou everynite when i miss your everything :'(

fight ? normal things :DD

everytime you are my pillow , when i never miss :~

whenn i look at sky , i saw your hand hold me :')

p/s : boy ; baby can i be your superman ?
girl ; can't sayangg :(
boy ; whyyyyy ?
girl ; because u are my SUPERHERO <3
suke ? LIKE jer :)

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